Volume 3 of Journal of Positive Sexuality has arrived!  Check out what’s on the menu:
Our first article is accompanied by an audio piece and explores the audio-documentary format as an ideal way to deliver in-depth, intimate and informative sex positive discussion.  Sex focused videos, even educational ones, often have titillating elements.  Audio is less intrusive and less sensational and thus the ideal medium to bring transformative storytelling to sex positive conversation and education.
The second article addresses the paucity of understanding around BDSM practices in clinical social work.  Social workers are doing their clients a disservice, and possibly even harm, by equating BDSM with mental illness or trauma.  Conversely, social workers can also fail to notice skills present in their clients (communication, resiliency and self-care) which are present in BDSM practices and would facilitate work in the helping profession.
Our third article surveys the occurrences and motivations of heterosexual anal sex among young adults.  Heterosexual anal sex has been rising in public consciousness in recent years and with it, more people are choosing to incorporate it into their sexual experiences.  This study analyzes the social variables and motivations of undergraduates who practice heterosexual anal sex.