Proposal Deadline Extended! The new deadline is September 30, 2021.

Last chance to share your work with a worldwide audience with the ease of presenting from home, before we return to our standard conference setup.

We are pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for SexPosCon 2022. We are looking for virtual presentations that are dynamic, interesting, diverse, and sex-positive. The theme for the 2022 conference is “Positive Sexuality is Humanizing.”

The Call for Proposals for the February 2022 conference closes September 30, 2021.

We are accepting proposals for online oral presentations (15-20 minutes), poster presentations (5 minutes pre-recorded), speakers’ panels (30-40 minutes), and interactive workshops (30-45 minutes).

Presentations should focus on the most interesting and dynamic portion of your work (think TED Talk!). Both academic and non-academic submissions are encouraged. We welcome proposals from everyone, and will prioritize submissions by and about individuals from marginalized communities including but not limited to BIPOC, disabled, and incarcerated folks.    We are also particularly interested in research on marginalized sexualities, sex/genders, and relationships, including LGB+, queer, ace spectrum, intersex, trans and non-binary, polyamorous and non-monogamous, kink/BDSM, and sex worker identities and communities.

Submissions must include 3-5 learning objectives*. If you are submitting a proposal for an interactive presentation, please also describe how you will create opportunities for interaction in the virtual space (most likely Zoom).

The Center’s position on the “Positive Sexuality is Humanizing” theme is summarized below:

“A sex positive approach acknowledges diverse problems associated with sexuality and seeks to help resolve them, but it does not use language that devalues people. … Terms that contribute to stereotyping, function to establish in-group versus out-group behavior, imply that sexuality and related behaviors are unclean or unhealthy, or stigmatize are not consistent with positive sexuality. … Sex positive language, on the other hand, seeks to reflect social justice and inclusiveness. Using terms that are inclusive and promote social equity and cultural salience allows all identities and experiences to be respectfully acknowledged.” (Williams, Thomas, Prior, & Walters, 2015).

For more information about the theme, we recommend reading this brief article: “Introducing a Multidisciplinary Framework of Positive Sexuality,” available here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please email