Volume 10, Issue 1 Posted

As the Journal of Positive Sexuality enters its 10th year of publication, we are proud to show the breadth and depth of the journal with these three new articles. Boydell's study provides an empirical insight into the choices women make about contraception, and how...

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Volume 9 Issue 2 now available!

For the last Journal of Positive Sexuality issue of 2023 we have three amazing articles. Kriti Jain conducted a literature review focusing on authenticity as a protective factor for sexual minority individuals. Apryl Alexander and colleagues provide a case study of a...

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Positive Sexuality Conference

Center for Positive Sexuality is hosting an in-person conference February 16-18, 2024 in Burbank, CA. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the editorial board of the journal, as well as other researchers, academics, students, and community members. More...

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Academic Writing: Tips for Creating a Good Introduction

By DJ Williams, Co-Founder Journal of Positive Sexuality, Social and Behavioral Scientist Idaho State University Many new writers underestimate the importance of writing a good Introduction (I’m capitalizing here, given it is the formal title of a manuscript heading)....

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Service Professionals Needed for Sexual Attitudes Study

If you’re a professional providing services (e.g. psychologist, massage therapist, realtor, spiritual advisor), we’re interested in your knowledge and attitudes toward relationships and sexuality topics. Research is largely missing professionals’ attitudes or training...

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Volume 8, Issue 2 Now Available!

Enjoy three new manuscripts covering the topics of Research Ethics, Female Masturbation Studies, and Online Hookup App Use. Frazer Heritage warns of the complications around conducting online research about online fetish communities. Carrie Bohmer, et al., provide a...

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What is a Literature Review?

Once you have a general idea of a research topic in mind, it's best to begin with conducting a literature review. A literature review is exactly what it sounds like, sifting through the published work on your topic to figure out what has already been researched and...

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How Do I Do Sex Research?

So you want to do sex research? This series will guide student and emergent researchers through the process of conducting a research study. Although the process is the same regardless of what subject you wish to research, there are a few notes along the way for those...

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Race and Sexuality Research Awards – Call for Proposals

Call for proposals for 2022 Race and Sexuality Research Awards is open. Submissions due by August 31, 2022. Proposals are welcomed from researchers at any level, including community members unaffiliated with academic institutions, and anyone can apply. We welcome...

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