Volume 9, 2023

Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2023

Three Tips for Publishing Your Paper in the Journal of Positive Sexuality
Brad Sagarin

  • Brief Description: Advice on the publication process, including revisions, cover letter, and how to respond to negative reviews.
  • Keywords: publication, revise and resubmit, rejection, journal submission

So You Want to Run a Sexuality Research Lab: Ethical Issues and Recommendations
Kathryn R. Klement

  • Brief Description: Recommendations on how to manage an ethical sexuality research lab.
  • Keywords: ethics, ethical dilemmas, field studies, research lab management, sexuality research

Perceptions of Young Women Who Engage in Anal Sex: A Sociological Inquiry
James Pickles, Julia Hirst, Chloe Froggatt, Megan Kenny

  • Brief Description: Qualitative study on why women engage in anal sex, women’s bodies and gendered agency, and sexual literacy.
  • Keywords: anal sex, young women, sexual health, sex and relationships education, sexual literacy, agency

Volume 9, Issue 2, December 2023

Becoming Myself: Authenticity as a Pathway Toward Well-Being for Sexual Minority Populations
Kriti Jain

  • Brief Description: Literature review focusing on authenticity as a protective factor for sexual minority individuals.
  • Keywords: sexual minority, authenticity, well-being, LGBT+

Kink and BDSM Awareness in Sex Offense Treatment
Apryl A. Alexander, Emma Sower, Bronwyn Neal, Alexis Schmader

  • Brief Description: Case study of a client mandated for sex offense treatment and discussion of integrating a sex-positive perspective about kink and BDSM with this population.
  • Keywords: BDSM, kink, sexuality, sexual offending, sex offense treatment, sex-positivity

“Best Sex He’d Ever Had!”: A Qualitative Analysis of “Most Amazing” Pegging Experiences
DJ Williams, Lynnette Coto

  • Brief Description: Qualitative study focused on cis-women/females’ and cis-men/males’ experiences with pegging.
  • Keywords: anal sex, leisure, optimal experience, pegging

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