Volume 8, 2022

Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2022

#HotGirlScience: A Liberatory Paradigm for Intersectional Sex-Positive Scholarship

Candice N. Hargons & Shemeka Thorpe

  • Brief Description: An invitation to study the fun, sex-positive aspects of Black sexualities and feminisms and a move towards liberation-focus inquiry where pleasure is central.
  • Keywords: positive sexuality, HotGirlScience, Black sexuality, hip hop feminism, hood feminism

Close the Door and Open Your Mind: Advancing Sexual Openness in the Nursing Home

Priscilla Allen

  • Brief Description: Recommendations for research and care support for elderly adults and creating more sex-positive nursing home policies and practices.
  • Keywords: nursing home sexuality, human sexuality, older adults and sex, long-term care facilities, nursing home resident rights

Volume 8, Issue 2, November 2022

Name That Community? Critical Reflections on the Ethics About Disseminating Research into Online Fetish Communities

Frazer Heritage

  • Brief Description: A multidisciplinary exploration of the ethics of online research.
  • Keywords: ethics, online research, academic publishing, research dissemination

Intersectional Masturbation: A Content Analysis on Female Masturbation Studies Through a Sex Positive and Intersectional Lens

Carrie Bohmer, Queen-Ayanna Sullivan, Anyoliny Sanchez, Shemeka Thorpe, Candice Hargons

  • Brief Description: A content analysis spanning 20 years of research on female masturbation, illuminating the lack of intersectionality and sex-positivity.
  • Keywords: Content Analysis, Female, Women, Masturbation, Marginalized Identities, Sex Positivity

A Focus Group Study Exploring Perceptions of Online Hookup App Use Among Heterosexual Women

Lauren N. Maziarz

  • Brief Description: A discussion of themes found from a female college-age focus group on their use and concerns around using dating apps.
  • Keywords: Online Dating Apps, Heterosexual Women, Hookup Culture, Gender Identity

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