Volume 7, 2021

Volume 7, Issue 1, May 2021

Negotiating Opposition to Positive Sexuality Research, Practice, and Education: Insights from Personal Reflection

DJ Williams

  • Brief Description: A personal reflection on the challenges faced when specializing in positive sexuality research.
  • Keywords: academic stigma, moral panic, sexual politics, resistance, sexuality research


It’s (probably) Not About Sex Baby, but It is About You and Me: A Quasi-ethnographic Exploration of Consensual Corporal Punishment

Stuart Pinson

  • Brief Description: An examination of the motivations and potential benefits and risks of corporal punishment (CP) as BDSM play.
  • Keywords: BDSM, temporary body modification, mental health, corporal punishment as play


As Many Rules as Necessary, As Few As Possible. The Traps of Deregulated Sex Positive Spaces with a Focus on Gender Inequality

Anna Mense

  • Brief Description: A discussion of Eva Illouz’s (2012) Why Love Hurts, and how sex-positive spaces may offer people a place to explore different types of sexual and romantic relationships.
  • Keywords: sexual relationships, romantic relationships, sex-positive spaces, deregulated partner choice, integrated sex-positivity

Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2021

The Graphic Sex Project: A Creative Tool for Self-Reflection, Communication, and Research

Jennifer Beman & Amanda Freise

  • Brief Description: A description and findings related to the installation of tool allowing participants to create graphs of their good sexual experiences using colored cubes. Findings support the potential application of this tool in research, therapeutic settings, and communication between partners.
  • Keywords: art installation, sexual experiences, Graphic Sex Project, therapeutic tool

Supplemental File 1
Supplemental File 2

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light: New Data Comparing Asexual and Sexual Undergraduates

Scott S. Hall, David Knox, I. Joyce Chang

  • Brief Description: Using a large data set of college students, self-identified asexual individuals were compared to heterosexual, bisexual, gay, and lesbian individuals regarding sexual behaviors, sexual values, religiosity, and attitudes towards sexual minorities.
  • Keywords: asexuality, visibility of sexual minorities, bisexual, sexual minority

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