Volume 3, 2017

Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2017

“You’re Doing God’s Work”: Reflections on Sex Ed

Mary Rachel Gould and Daniel Makagon

A transcript of the audio file is included as an appendix to the above PDF article. The audio file can be found at the end of the article listings.

  • Brief Description: A discussion about the use of the audio-documentary as a means to deliver sex positive information and education.
  • Keywords: sex ed, vlog, audio documentary, podcast, sex positive documentary, sex work

Social Work Practice with Clients that Enjoy Participation in Consensual BDSM: Identifying and Applying Strengths

D J Williams, Jeremy N. Thomas, Emily E. Prior, Christina Amezquita, and Dominee Hall

  • Brief Description: Social workers and other helping professionals can better serve members of BDSM communities when they understand the strengths these individuals bring with them.
  • Keywords: BDSM, communication, resiliency,self-care, strengths-approach, social work

Anal Sexual Practices among Undergraduate Students

Cristinia Molinares, Irina Kolobova, and David Knox

  • Brief Description: An exploration of the motivations behind why heterosexual undergraduate students engage in anal sex.
  • Keywords: anal sex, heterosexual college students, anal intercourse

Audio file for “You’re Doing God’s Work”:

Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2017

Experiences and Perceptions about Social Support among Black Men who have Sex with Men in Tennessee

Chelsea McQueen and Sandra L. Barnes

  • Brief Description: An analysis of the experiences and social support of Black men from Tennessee who have sex with men.
  • Keywords: BMSM, MSM, HIV, AIDS, race, sexual orientation, Black men

The Effect of Attachment Styles on Positive Communication and Sexual Satisfaction in Relationships

Ashley Barnes, Mary Dodson, Benjamin Wood, Heather Thomas, and Claire Kimberly

  • Brief Description: A study of the relationship between early childhood attachment style and adult sexual satisfaction, sexual communication anxiety, and sexual attitudes.
  • Keywords: attachment styles, communication, sexual satisfaction, attachment theory, sexual attitudes

Sex Dolls – Creepy or Healthy?: Attitudes of Undergraduates

David Knox, Stacy Huff, and I. Joyce Chang

  • Brief Description: A review of undergraduates’ attitudes around the use, ownership, and range of sex dolls.
  • Keywords: sex dolls, sex with robots, intimacy, humanoid robot, sex toy

Volume 3, Issue 3, November 2017

Addiction to Porn/Sex Position Statement

Center for Positive Sexuality, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance

  • Brief Description: Group position statement opposing the addiction model in relation to frequent sexual behavior and pornography viewing.
  • Keywords: sex addiction, porn addiction, CPS, NCSF, TASHRA, AASECT, APA

To cite this article: Williams, D J, Thomas, J. N., Prior, E. E., Wright, S., Sprott, R., et al. (2017). Sex and pornography “addiction”: An official position statement of the Center for Positive Sexuality (CPS), National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), and The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (TASHRA). Journal of Positive Sexuality, 3, 40-43.

No Pain, No Gain?: Therapeutic and Relational benefits of Subspace in BDSM Contexts

Dulcinea Pitagora

  • Brief Description: A review of the literature on BDSM interactions, concluding that achieving subspace might result in a reduction of physical and emotion stress in the submissive partner, as well as other benefits.
  • Keywords: BDSM, subspace, submissive, consensual sadomasochism, flow state, altered state of consciousness, ASC