Volume 2, 2016

Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2016

The First Anniversary of JPS: Celebrating Accomplishments and Building on Success

D J Williams and Emily E. Prior

  • Brief Description: A review of the inaugural volume of Journal of Positive Sexuality, including how it came to be and what is yet to come.
  • Keywords: positive sexuality, academic journal, Center for Positive Sexuality, NCSF, CARAS

Macro Sex-Negativity to Micro Implications: My Personal Experience with (Absent) Abstinence Sex Education

Kassandra McFarland and D J Williams

  • Brief Description: An autoethnographic exploration into the impact of sex-negative, abstinence only sex education. A discussion of how a positive sexuality approach may provide important benefits is proposed.
  • Keywords: sex education, positive sexuality, abstinence only sex ed

Asexual Polyamory: Potential Challenges and Benefits

Dan Copulsky

  • Brief Description: Using personal narratives from participants identifying within the range of asexual orientations, the author discusses how polyamorous relationship structures might, or might not, be beneficial.
  • Keywords: asexual, polyamory, ace/aro-spectrum, consensual nonmonogamy

What is Sex-Positive Feminist Pornography? The Answer is in the Question

Emily E. Prior

  • Brief Description: Using a positive sexuality framework, the author provides connections between the framework and practices within the feminist pornography industry.
  • Keywords: feminist pornography, positive sexuality, feminism

Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2016

Exploring Sexual Diversity: A Case Report on the Application of Habanero Pepper Juice during Recreational Urethral Sounding

Jeremy N. Thomas and D J Williams

  • Brief Description: A unique look into the practice of male urethral sounding utilizing habanero pepper during the activity.
  • Keywords: BDSM, urethral sounding, BDSM as leisure, case study, habanero pepper

Sexuality Research within Neuroimaging: A Review of Progress toward Greater Gender Equality and Sex Positivity

Ariana Tart-Zelvin and Xiaomeng Xu

  • Brief Description: Researchers compare sexuality studies using neuroimaging, showing that while male subjects have mostly been studied from a “healthy” heteronormative perspective, female subjects have been almost completely studied from an “unhealthy” pathological perspective, when studied at all.
  • Keywords: neuroimaging research, gender equality, sexuality research, sex positivity, gender bias, sexual health

It’s Only a Matter of Time: Insights for Helping Professionals Working with Non-Monogamous Clients

D J Williams and Jeremy N. Thomas

  • Brief Description: Time as a construct is used to discuss the idea that polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy are really not all that different from other, more “traditional”, relationship styles.
  • Keywords: polyamory, non-monogamy, serial monogamy, clinical practice

Volume 2, Issue 3, November 2016

Sexual Vampires: Myths and Motivations

Suzanne Carre, Hesperus, and Deacon Gray

  • Brief Description: An exploration of the sexual motivation and necessity for sex in the feeding needs of sexual vampires.
  • Keywords: vampire, sexual vampire, vampire feeding, positive sexuality

Conversational Phases in BDSM Pre-Scene Negotiations

Ayesha Kaak

  • Brief Description: An analysis of pre-scene BDSM discussions to understand how consent is constructed and negotiated between partners.
  • Keywords: BDSM, negotiation, consent, BDSM interaction, kink

Black and Blues: Sub Drop, Top Drop, Event Drop and Scene Drop

Richard A. Sprott and Anna Randall

  • Brief Description: An exploration in “drop” among BDSM practitioners to help them and others, especially clinicians, understand the complexities of what one may experience after a BDSM interaction.
  • Keywords: BDSM, kink, sub drop, top drop, post-scene reactions

Three’s a Crowd or a Bonus?: College Students’ Threesome Experiences

Hannah Morris, I. Joyce Chang, and David Knox

  • Brief Description: Threesome attitudes, behaviors, and experiences of undergraduate students is discussed. Several theories are proposed to support the findings.
  • Keywords: threesome, operant learning, affective theory, feminist theory