If You’re Against Sex Work You’re a Bigot

Beautifully written article by Connor Habib: http://www.thestranger.com/features/feature/2015/06/24/22436683/if-youre-against-sex-work-youre-a-bigot

As a follow up I recommend reading Responding to Academic Critiques of Sex Work by our Research Affiliate Dr. Jeremy Thomas: http://journalofpositivesexuality.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Responding-to-Academic-Critiques-of-Sex-Work-Thomas.pdf

New Issue Journal of Positive Sexuality Now Live!

We hope you enjoy the June 2015 issue of Journal of Positive Sexuality. This issue features articles from Kathryn Coleman, MA, M. Candace Christensen, PhD and Stephanie M. Hoover, PhD, and D J Williams, PhD.

Articles cover topics on the need for a social deconstruction and re-humanization of sexuality, working with survivors of sexual violence […]

New Articles Coming Soon!

Three new articles have recently been accepted for publication and are now being formatted. Check soon for an essay on the social construction of sexual orientation, a call for practitioners to use a sex positive perspective when helping survivors of sexual assault, and a discussion on the need for social work practice to be more […]