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D J Williams, Criminology, Idaho State University

Emily E. Prior, Sociology, Center for Positive Sexuality


D. Joye Swan, Psychology, Woodbury University

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John Edgar Browning, Savannah College of Art and Design

James R. Fleckenstein, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

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Aleah Poncini, Didel Institute for Scientific Research and Development

Apryl Alexander, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Brad Sagarin, Psychology, Northern Illinois University

Daniel Copulsky, University of California Santa Cruz

Dave Holmes, Forensic Nursing, University of Ottawa

Jennifer A. Vencill, Psychology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Karen Sabbah, Sociology, Los Angeles Pierce College

Kat Klement, Psychology, Bemidji State University

Liam Wignall, Psychology, Bournemouth University

Moshoula Capous-Desyllas, Sociology, California State University Northridge

Richard Sprott, Executive Director for the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS)

R. Todd Hartle, Biology and Education, Irvine, California

Zaedryn Rook, Writing and Editing, Oakland, California

Volume 9, Issue 2 Coming Soon!

Volume 9, Issue 1, June 2023

Three Tips for Publishing Your Paper in the Journal of Positive Sexuality
Brad Sagarin

  • Brief Description: Advice on the publication process, including revisions, cover letter, and how to respond to negative reviews.
  • Keywords: publication, revise and resubmit, rejection, journal submission

So You Want to Run a Sexuality Research Lab: Ethical Issues and Recommendations
Kathryn R. Klement

  • Brief Description: Recommendations on how to manage an ethical sexuality research lab.
  • Keywords: ethics, ethical dilemmas, field studies, research lab management, sexuality research

Perceptions of Young Women Who Engage in Anal Sex: A Sociological Inquiry
James Pickles, Julia Hirst, Chloe Froggatt, Megan Kenny

  • Brief Description: Qualitative study on why women engage in anal sex, women's bodies and gendered agency, and sexual literacy.
  • Keywords: anal sex, young women, sexual health, sex and relationships education, sexual literacy, agency

The Journal of Positive Sexuality

Aim and Scope: The Journal of Positive Sexuality is an online peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on all aspects of positive sexuality as described in the Center for Positive Sexuality purpose statement. The journal is multidisciplinary and is designed to be accessible and beneficial to a large and diverse readership, including academics, policymakers, clinicians, educators, and students. Specifically, positive sexuality acknowledges the importance of sexual diversity; the multitude of sexual identities, orientations, and practices; the need for open and safe communication and education concerning all aspects of sexuality; empowerment of sexual minorities; and collaboration to help resolve sexual problems within society. Sex positivity is consistent with the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual health.

If you have original, unpublished research that fits our Submission Guidelines, please submit your work. We’re always looking for new, cutting-edge ideas that support positive sexuality. All disciplines welcome.

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