Current Volume

Volume 3, March 2017

“You’re Doing God’s Work”: Reflections on Sex Ed

A transcript of the audio file is included as an appendix to the above PDF article. The audio file can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mary Rachel Gould and Daniel Makagon

  • Brief Description: A discussion about the use of the audio-documentary as a means to deliver sex positive information and education.
  • Keywords: sex ed, vlog, audio documentary, podcast, sex positive documentary, sex work

Social Work Practice with Clients that Enjoy Participation in Consensual BDSM: Identifying and Applying Strengths

D J Williams, Jeremy N. Thomas, Emily E. Prior, Christina Amezquita, and Dominee Hall

  • Brief Description: Social workers and other helping professionals can better serve members of BDSM communities when they understand the strengths these individuals bring with them.
  • Keywords: BDSM, communication, resiliency,self-care, strengths-approach, social work

Anal Sexual Practices among Undergraduate Students

Cristinia Molinares, Irina Kolobova, and David Knox

  • Brief Description: An exploration of the motivations behind why heterosexual undergraduate students engage in anal sex.
  • Keywords: anal sex, heterosexual college students, anal intercourse

Audio file for “You’re Doing God’s Work”: