Submission Guidelines

We invite original submissions from diverse epistemological and methodological approaches on any topic that explicitly pertains to positive sexuality. A full range of qualitative and quantitative methods is acceptable.  We also encourage nonacademic professionals and graduate students to submit original work. Please follow these guidelines as you prepare your work for submission:

  • Manuscripts should have a clear sex positive focus
  • Manuscripts should be no longer than eight double-spaced pages, including references
  • Manuscripts should be written in American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format, with the following exceptions:
    • No abstract is needed if shorter than 10 pages
    • References cited in text that have three or more authors should simply include the first author followed by et al. and the publication year, but do list all authors (per APA) of the citation in the reference list
    • DOI numbers are not needed in the reference list
  • Given the diverse readership of the journal, authors should try to avoid using highly technical jargon whenever possible. As best as possible, strive for a manuscript that can easily be understood by scholars and professionals outside of your field
  • For traditional research manuscripts, authors should provide a short summary of the current literature, briefly explain the methods used, and clearly report findings and implications.
  • Theoretical, conceptual, and creative analytic (narrative, poetic representation, etc.) submissions also should reflect appropriate scholarly criteria and aesthetic presentation. Case reports and creative essays may also be submitted for review
  • Full-length manuscripts (more than 10 pages) should include an abstract AND a TLDR (“too long; didn’t read”) summary of the research aimed at a lay audience
  • Manuscripts should be submitted as an email attachment (Microsoft Word) to the editors at


More information:

Manuscripts will be screened initially by the editors and anonymized before being reviewed by at least two experts. The editors will make publication decisions based on recommendations from the reviewers.

Publication decisions normally will occur within six weeks of manuscript submission.

Please note that publication preference will be given to shorter articles. Full-length manuscripts may take longer in the review process and may be held over for later publication.

We are interested in manuscripts and research that are cutting-edge. New methodologies, views on theories, and presentation of data are encouraged.

Revisions and Publication:

Authors may receive a reply that asks for revisions before possible publication. Authors are encouraged to revise their work as noted by the editors and resubmit for publication.

The editors will not revise content nor alter layout (other than necessary for transfer from Word document settings to PDF and web-based layout) of submitted work without the author’s permission.

As best as possible, the editors will provide a sample of the final manuscript to the author before publication occurs.

The editors reserve the right to alter grammatical errors if required for publication without the author’s permission.